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Thanks to Craved London for providing us with the wonderful imagery in this demo theme. Here's a little about them, in their own words:

Craved curates craft food and drink made in Britain. We work with and support the nation's most exciting independent producers, offering a unique selection of small batch products that's unavailable on the High Street or in supermarkets. 

Our business started in London where we noticed a growing community of small batch producers. We own this London niche, selling over 120 products from 40 producers. We now source from across the UK as the market for new and exciting tastes accelerates.

We believe in craft, flavour, and supporting the people behind the product. Our ambition is to personalise the food market, reconnecting us with what we eat and allowing people to discover the best craft food and drink made in the UK. By increasing the availability of independent craft food and the number of producers who make it, we hope that in time there will be a change in the way that we think about our communities and the food we eat.